Psychotropic Medicine

Understanding the Concept of a Drug and Medicine.
A drug is basically a chemical compound just like any other compound you have ever heard in chemistry. The special thing about the drug is that it is derived or designed or chemically modified in a way that will go into a living organism where it will bind to some special kind of proteins (chemical nature) and then it produces some special effects inside a cell which can alter the Physiological or Pathological pathways. This Drug is a powdered form usually and as it enters the body, the quantity of it should be defined otherwise as you can understand even Water can kill you if you drink it in large quantity enough to kill you. Hence, after the drug is designed, it should be converted into a form which can be taken by a Human. That form is called Medicine.
The Medicine is a actually a drug in a special dosage form like Tablets, Capsules, Injectable, Ointments, liquids, syrups, suspensions and many more, Its dose is defined which will help to alter the physiological or pathological pathways in a controlled manner.